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    Organic Black Cohosh Extract Triterpenoid Saponins 2.5%

    Organic Black Cohosh Extract Triterpenoid Saponins 2.5%

    1.Product name:Black Cohosh extract
    2.No additive
    3.Quality:Organice standard
    4.Low solvent residue

    English name:Black Cohosh Ex.


    Specification: Treiterpenoid glycosides& Cimicifugoside

    Use Part:Leaves & Root

    Appearance: Brown powder

    Brand Name:Longze Bio-tech

    Extract Method:Water/Ethanol

    Test Method:HPLC/UV

    Product Introduction


    Black cohosh is a plant that has a long tradition of use. The Native Americans knew of black cohosh extract and used it often for things such as snakebites and for various problems related to women's health. In the 1800's, physicians caught on to the plant's medicinal value and started including it in various remedies such as those developed for fevers, arthritis, and menstrual problems. It is a popular plant in Europe and is commonly used for menstrual cramps, and to aid the hormone balance in the body for menopausal women. As you can see, the black cohosh plant is valuable for a variety of different problems.

    Historical use

    Native Americans used black cohosh to treat gynecological and other disorders, including sore throats, kidney problems, and depression.Following the arrival of European settlers in the U.S. who continued the medicinal usage of black cohosh, the plant appeared in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia in 1830 under the name “black snakeroot”. In 1844 A. racemosa gained popularity when Dr. John King, an eclectic physician, used it to treat rheumatism and nervous disorders. Other eclectic physicians of the mid-nineteenth century used black cohosh for a variety of maladies, including endometritis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, sterility, severe after-birth pains, and for increased breast milk production.

    Contemporary use

    Black cohosh is used today mainly as a dietary supplement marketed to women as remedies for the symptoms ofpremenstrual tension, menopause and other gynecological problems. Recent meta-analysis of contemporary evidence supports these claims. Study design and dosage of black cohosh preparations play a role in clinical outcome, and recent investigations with pure compounds found in black cohosh have identified some beneficial effects of these compounds on physiological pathways underlying age-related disorders likeosteoporosis.

    Certificate of Analysis
    AssayTriterpene Glycosides 2.5% 5% 8% by HPLC
    Triterpene Glycosides 2.5% 5% 8% by HPLC
    AppearanceBrown Yellow Powderconforms
    Particle SizeNLT 100% Through 80 meshconforms
    Loss on Drying<2.0%0.47%
    Heavy metals
    Total Heavy Metals≤10ppmconforms
    Microbiological Tests
    Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/gconforms
    Total Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/gconforms


    1,Owning estrogenic effect, thus improving symptoms of female climacteric syndrome and 

    postpartum syndrome.

    2,Antibacteria and anticancer. Anti-rheumatism, alleviating muscle pain and spasm. ,

    3,Decreasing the cholesterol and blood pressure.
    4,Delaying aging, especially the aging of skin and visceral organ 


    1. Treatment menstrual irregularity.

    2. Promotes breast milk in nursing mothers, boosts fertility.

    3. Anti-rheumatism, alleviating muscle pain and spasm.

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